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Wattisham Airfield

The Civil Parish of Great Bricett has enjoyed a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Wattisham Airfield since the 1930's when it was then known as RAF Wattisham. The following links, which have no direct connection with this website, may provide some useful historical background.

Aircraft Operations: A detailed history of Wattisham airfield and the RAF, USAAF, and AAC aircraft based there since 1939.

Bloodhound: There is detailed information for those interested in the  Bloodhound anti-aircraft missile system once based at Wattisham.

Museum: The Parish is fortunate in hosting the Wattisham Airfield Museum which is open for visiting, admission free, on every Sunday between April and October.

Public Facilities at Wattisham Airfield: The following facilities at Wattisham Airfield are accessible to members of the public living nearby subject to military requirement:

Youth Club and Youth Drop in Centre

Takes place in the Community Centre, near the Spar Shop, outside Wattisham Airfield.

Monday - Youth Club: 1730 to 1900 hours - Age range 8 to 12 years - Cost £1.00 plus money for the tuck shop, would suggest another £1.00.

One week its swimming in the station swimming pool, another week its sports in the station sports hall and the third week its activities in the Youth Club itself.

Tuesday - Youth drop in centre: 1730 to 1900 hours - Age range 11 to 17 years - Cost free.

Parents wishing further details should contact Mickey Dowling, the Community Development Worker, on 01449 728 285 to ascertain what activity is taking place that evening.