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Village Sign Renovated

11 February 2019

The Parish Council has generously funded the renovation of our village sign. Originally made by local craftsman the late Felix Wilding, it was desperately in need of a new coat of paint. Sent away to London to be worked on by an expert it was re-erected on a cold February day 2019. 


 Village sign 03 3

 The sign represents various aspects of this village; the windmill which stood in the grounds of Mill House until the 1950's, the Bleinheim aircraft of the RAF that flew from Wattisham airfield and the armorial bearings to link with the association with lords of the manor.

 Village sign 01

The newly repainted sign with Parish Council members Nigel and Marina Ford, Richard Morley, Sue Burnett, and parishioners Chris Morley, Sean hedges-Quinn and Charles Horne.

Village sign 02

 The plaque on the village sign.



The picture above shows the sign being erected in 2001 with the late artist Felix Wilding on the left, Lord of the Manor the late Rupert Cooper and Parish Council Chairman Tony Logue.

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Churchyard Yew tree pollarded

11 February 2019

The Yew tree to the left of the path has been significantly cut back to bring it back to a manageable size for topiary and to enable visitors to see the Church better.  Huge thanks to Nick Holmes as well as Andrew Auchterlonie, Charles Horne and Phil Fifield for their physical help with this work!


The larger branches were donated to Will Lord of "Beyond 2000 B C" who engages school children in prehistoric experiences, in this case making long bows. Smaller wood was enjoyed by parishioners in their wood burners!

Later works will include a new path surface to further improve access for visitors.

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Fundraising Ideas Welcome

11 February 2019

We, at the Great Bricett Village Hall committee would like to make the Village Hall the centre of our community. We have recently redecorated the hall with new ceiling to improve the acoustics, energy efficient, dimmable LED lighting.

Our next challenge is to raise money to improve the garden to make this an enjoyable space for all to use.

What fundraising ideas do you have that you would like to attend? 

Please get in touch, use your voice, and air your opinion on what you want. We are listening.

This is YOUR VILLAGE HALL Call: 01473 658688 or email: marinafordgbvhmc@gmail.com

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